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Content curation, editorial design / PoliMi / 2018

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The aim of the project is to tell a story about integration, inclusion and cultural contamination. The narrative is broken down into two main parts: the first offers a series of illustrations that suggests the reading key of the second one, made by extracts of interviews and photographs.

Riace's village is mainly known for the discovery of the two famous bronzes in 1972. Another strong source of pride is the way they managed to reborn after the depopulation suffered over the years — due local people migration towards northern Italy — thanks to the arrival of the first Kurdish migrants in '98.
The mayor Mimmo Lucano and the citizens were smart enough to see migrants as a potential resource, fundamental to make the town come back to life: Riace has now become a "global village" where local elders and families that continued to land over the years managed to create a new social fabric. New craft shops have been opened, job opportunities have been created for the young locals that otherwise would have moved just like previous generations.
Now the "Riace model" is a real case study, a story that's worth telling.